Meet Your Collaborators

David Laribee

David Laribee


David Laribee is a product development coach with deep roots in Lean, Agile, XP and Scrum. He believes in the power of collaboration, simplicity and feedback.

Over the last 20 years, David has built teams and products for companies of all shapes and sizes. He’s founded startups and consulted for Fortune 50 enterprises. He’s developed software-intensive products in a wide variety of domains from technology to insurance to beverage distribution to higher education.

Prior to founding Nerd/Noir, David coached the product development team at VersionOne, a market leader in agile project management tools.

David started work life at the early age of five on a farm in Upstate NY; an upbringing that accounts for his lead-from-the-front approach, appreciation for small/cross-disciplinary teams and disdain for fake maple syrup.

Alexandra West

Alexandra West


Alexandra West was born and raised in Florida. She moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University, where she earned a degree in Art History. After graduating, Alex remained in Atlanta and worked in several non-profit and commercial art galleries before finding her way to film and television.

Working her way through the art department, Alex spent several years creating environments for feature films and television programs. Currently, she provides commercial art direction, and design consulting to a variety of clients.

When not busy curating the beautiful and unusual, Alex can be found eating cheese. All kinds of cheese.

Upcoming Events

Aug 17 – Testing Strategy: New Model, Better Outcomes
David Laribee to speak @ Music City Agile.
Aug 20 – Conscious Coupling for Anti-fragile Engineers
David Laribee to speak @ Music City Code.

Sep 12-13 – Liberal Arts Programmer
David Laribee to keynote @ Agile Prague 2016.

Past Events

Apr 21 – Conscious Coupling for Anti-fragile Engineers 
David Laribee spoke at the Atlanta NodeJS meetup (VIDEO).

Jan 6 – DevOps From The Trenches 
David Laribee spoke at DevJam in Minneapolis, MN.

Nov 18-22 – Build Stuff 2015 
David Laribee to spoke at Build Stuff 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Nov 12-13 – Full Stack TDD Workshop 
David Laribee delivered 2-day TDD workshop in Atlanta.

Oct 23 – Agile Day Chicago 
David Laribee delivered TDD workshop and spoke in Chicago.