Outcome-Focused Agile Coaching

Our agile/lean coaching approach addresses the needs of product development teams plateaued in their practice, held back by specific problems, or attempting to accelerate their learning curve. Rather than install brand name process, we begin by understanding a team’s values and real world context: talent, organization, product, market, and technical. After listening, interviewing, and observing, we collaborate with clients to curate a bespoke plan to achieve measurable improvement. Plans include shorter, 2-5 day public and private workshops and 5+ day embedded coaching.

Elite Teams

Does your team share a sense of purpose and direction?

Are you competing or are you listening and collaborating?

Have you identified and ranked improvement potential? Are you executing?

Relevant Products

Can you tell a product story that resonates with your customer?

Do you learn from small experiments or place large bets on chunky features?

Do you plan collaboratively and continuously on a sustainable rhythm?

Sustainable Development

Are your developers full stack, working together on shared code?

Are you getting the most from your testing practice?

Can you ship at the push of a button?

How are you managing your technical debt?

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