Hands-on Workshops

Our workshops differ from traditional courses and training sessions. They are venues for deep experiential learning, immersing attendees in new ways of working. Bite-sized bits of theory — principles, patterns, practices — feed into collaborative challenges, finishing with reflection and guided discussion.

Workshops are led by seasoned practitioners, not just instructors certified on a one size fits all syllabus. We routinely work with clients to craft the most impactful experience possible based on need, team skill level, available time, and budget.

Test Driven Development

Get a solid start using test-first design to produce high quality, simple code that focuses your talent on business value. Learn how to curate test suites that provide fast, clear feedback on code usability and safety when making design changes.

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Continuous Deployment

Move past the “automate all the things!” hype to leverage DevOps culture in your shop with continuous integration, CD pipelines, infrastructure-as-code, concurrent feature development techniques, cloud enablement, and close quarters collaboration between engineers, testers, and infrastructure professionals.

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Technical Debt Management

Is legacy code slowing you down? This workshop helps teams wrangle control back from unruly codebases without shutting down delivery. From planning to large scale refactoring, from increasing safety with tests to considering a rewrite strategy — attendees build a practical toolbox for identifying and simplifying difficult systems.

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“The workshop was a transformative experience. It helped me self-actualize a better development practice.”

Joe Ortiz
Engineer @ CareerBuilder

Public Workshops

Nov 14-15 – Test Driven Development
Reykjavik, Iceland – Location TBD