Our workshops differ from traditional courses and training sessions. They are venues for deliberate practice and deep experiential learning, immersing attendees in new ways of working. Bite-sized bits of theory β€” principles, patterns, practices β€” feed into collaborative challenges, finishing with reflection and guided discussion.

Workshops are led by seasoned practitioners, not just instructors certified on an official syllabus. They are share their experiences and stories, and attendees benefit from time spent with a workshop leader who's logged significant production experience.

We routinely work with clients to craft the most impactful experience possible based on need, team skill level, available time, and budget.

Popular Topics

Visual Thinking Strategies

A new technique to amplify the observational powers and overall participation of your teams through guided discussions of art.

Additional Capabilities

Along with our collaborators, we have many workshops available on a wide range of contemporary topics. Contact us for details.

Product Development Workflow

Managing Legacy Code

Continuous Deployment

Git & GitHub Workflow

Centralized Logging

Architecture for Developers

Testing Strategy for Developers

Collaborative Decision Making

β€œThe TDD workshop was a transformative experience. It helped me self-actualize a better development practice.”
Joe Ortiz